Saturday, August 6, 2011

Gencon 2011 Day 2

Spent most of my day touring the gaming hall, which contains most of the board, card, war, and miniature games. I saw a ton of outstanding terrain maps for miniature and war games.

The rest of the time I spent first playing a demo of Chaos of the Old World and then playing it for reals in the gaming hall. It's a great game and will definitely buy it at some point.

Later with my friends we played a the new space hulk card game. Pretty good at capturing the feel of the original space hulk, but I miss the miniatures. I capped the night off with some Arkham Horror. For once we saved the world and beat the game with just one turn before Cthulhu himself appeared.


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  2. Chaos of the Old World is a fun board game and me and my friends had a blast playing it. Too bad my friend's little brother lost some of the cards.

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