Monday, August 13, 2012

Scooby Doo Gencon Revisited

Gencon is nearly here.   I had planned to continue my blogs of gencon pasts, but….  I failed.  Still, I plan to post blogs during Gencon 2012, my 21th consecutive Gencon!

But before that, I got a special treat.  If you recall during my first blog post, I had mentioned a Scooby Doo based Call of Cthulhu event, which was one of my favorites.   A funny thing happened a few months later. The GM that ran that very event contacted me.  Gotta love the intertubes!    Here’s our email exchange.

From John Storch:

“Hey... I decided to do a Google search for "Call of Cthulhu Scooby Doo at GenCon". Your post was the first one that came up on the list. And guess what! I'm the guy who ran those CoC games. Surprised to find that someone actually remembered any of it. 1992 was probably my last year at GenCon but I still have the character sheets and the summary of the games from 1985 -1992. I was going to do "The Death of Scooby Doo" in 1994 but GenCon would no longer allow me to use the terms Scooby Doo or Cthulhu Busters. By that time, I had enough and dropped out. John”

From Me:

Wow, I didn't expect this email. :)  Thanks for contacting me.  I would love to see scans or something from that game.  It was my first gencon and it was my favorite event.  Too bad you have never made it again.  It's lame that they got so anal on the terms.  I wonder if it would be like that today or not.

Would you mind if I reposted this email on my blog? or better, if a scan of some of the character sheets.

From John:

Here's what I have ready to email you for right now.  It's the history of my Scooby Doo CoC games at GenCon.  Keep in mind, I ran each of the games multiple times each year, so just because Velma went missing in your game, doesn't mean she's out of the game.  I do have the character sheets somewhere at home.  I'll bring them in to work to scan them into PDF files tomorrow.

Which he did.  Looking over those scans was a total blast from the past.  Man that event was fun.   Below are links to the files.   Thanks John so much for contacting me and allowing me to post them here!