Thursday, June 16, 2011

Major Regret: I Never Took Pictures

While I prepare some upcoming blog posts about gencon's past, I'm very sadden by the fact that I rarely (if ever) took pictures. Until I owned a smart phone, I never wanted to be bothered to carry a camera. Even with my fancy android phone, I still don't take enough pictures for some reason. So as I try to recall some of my earliest gencons, I really have no visual reference other than my own memories. A depressing fact indeed.


  1. I have been very good about taking pictures over the years I have gone (this is year 8 for me). I go with a group of people, and the night before we leave, each year, we look at the old pictures and get some laughs.

  2. Good for you. I wish I had been that smart especially when I was young. I would love to see pictures of myself and friends @gencon 20 years ago.